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Lukhan LK-T202


Print Type: Thermal Print
Print Speed
LK-TE201 160mm/sn.
LK-TE202 200mm/sn.
LK-TE203 300mm/sn.
Paper Width : 82.5 mm (3”)
Writing Width : 72 mm 512 dots/line
Resolution: 180 x 180 DPI
Automatic Paper Cutter (2 Million Cut Life)
Roll Diameter: Max. 80.0 mm
Paper Thickness: .06 to .09 mm
Head Life: 160 kilometers
MCBF value (60 million lines)
Epson ESC / POS compatible
Black Mark Sensor (Optional)
Barcode Printing
End of Paper, Paper Shortage and Open Cover Sensor
Windows, WEPOS, OPOS, Linux, JavaPOS Compliant
Device Size: 152 x 204 x 150 mm
Weight: 1.7 Kg.
Fixed USB (Type B) In addition to the interface 1 Piece Selectable Interface (Serial, Parallel, Wi-Fi, Ethernet)



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