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Uniwell UTS-615A


UTS-615A-C black color touch pos system.
1. 15 inch touch pos system 2. 5 wire resistive touch screen 3. Intel
Pineview D525 Dual core 1.8G 4. DDRIII 2 G 5. HDD : 320G SATA .6.
With 20*2 characters VFD pole customer display
Best seller for the Hospitality, Retail, leisure sector.
1. Perfect ergonomic designment and beautifull color give you elegant
2. 5-wireless resistive touch screen make your transaction more easy,
fast safe;
3. HD LCD 15” displays advertise your products and company;
4. 3 Track Magnetic Strip Reader is optional;
5. 20*2 characters VFD customer display is optional
6.12” or 15” LCD customer display dual screen is optional

Application Fields
1. Hospitality : Restaurant, fast food chain, tea shop, cake and bread
shop, coffe shop, etc.
2. Retail : Supermarket, retai store, grocery, convenient shop,
cosmetic shop, clothes shop etc..
3- Leisure sector: Sauna, KTV, Bar, Club mero station, gas station,
Banks etc.

Configuration :
1. Mainboard : Intel Professional POS industrial mainboard ;
2.CPU : Intel Pineview D525 Dual core 1.8G
3.HDD : 320 G SATA
5.Display : 15 inch TFT LCD display Resolution : 10241*768
6. Touch screen : 15 inch 5 resistive touch screen
OS Supporting :
WIN 7,WINXP,WIN 2000 etc.

Strength :
1.Adopt the imported mainboard, CPU,HDD etc. long life time;
2. Beautiful designe ,very popular with people in restaurants ,coffe
shope etc.
3. Can be made with MSR .VFD pole customer display . Dual
screen .
4. Can run fast and stable under the WIN XP,WIN7,WIN2000 etc.
Unlimited technological



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