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Toledo bTwin Scale / ECR / Printer


Integrated Scale, ECR, and printer
Programmable keys and reports
Rechargeable battery
Connectable to cash drawer, scanner, PC, and network
Flexible and detailed reports (sales, PLU, vendor, group, group hourly, inventory, voids, hourly sales, weekly sales, and monthly sales).
Multiple vendor operation (8 vendors)

Capacity: 30 Kg X 0.005 Kg
PLU Memory: 3000 PLU.
Presets: 60 presets (2 layer 30 keys)
Display: Double backlit LCD
6 weight, 6 unit price, 7 total price, 12 characters.
Power: 100-240V AC , 50/60 HZ
12 V / 5 HZ rechargeable battery (optional)
Platter: 350 mm X 228mm
Interface: RS 232, COM1 & COM2.
Ethernet connection up 10 scales OR to connect to PC.



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