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Toledo bPro R2 Indicator Barcode Printer


Indicator barcode printer
Easy connection to most load cells and bench scales.
12000 PLU memory
Full orange Dot-matrix dual display (240X240)
PLU graphics design (bitmap)
Moving screen saver
Programmable label formats
Programmable barcode formats
Various sales reports
77 preset keys (2 layers)
28 function keys
Vendor functions (8 vendors)
Void vendor transactions
Service and pre-pack mode

Capacity: 50 Kg, 60 Kg, 150 Kg,
300 Kg, 600 Kg, 900 Kg,
2 tons and 6 tons.
5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g,
200g, 500g, and 1 Kg
Printer: Stainless steel mechanism with
125 mm / sec speed.
Label: Width: 30 ~ 62 mm
Length: 25 ~ 102 mm
Label roll: 120 mm
Label core: 40 mm
Ticket core: 11 / 40 mm
Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Built-in wireless
2 RS 232 comports
RJ 11 cash drawer interface



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