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Toledo BBA-221 Industrial Bench Scale


Plastic terminal enclosure
Mild steel base
304 stainless steel platter
Painted column with open wiring
Keypad: Tare, Zero, Print, Function,
Clear, and On/Off.
Over / Under check weighing and
counting function
AC power 100~240 VAC or dry battery
DC power ( Rechargeable Option )
Accurate reading and quick response
Capacity: 60 Kg X 10g
OR 50 Kg X 5g
Platter: 305 X 355 X 95 mm
Column: 330 mm

Capacity: 150 Kg X 20g
Platter: 400 X 500 X 105 mm

Capacity: 300 Kg X 50g
Platter: 600 X 800 X 125 mm

Column: 900 mm



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