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Standard Currencies:
EURO, US Dollar, GB Pound

Denomination Detection:
Full Image Sensor (CIS)

Counterfeit Detection:
Full line IR (Infrared), MG (Magnetic), UV (Ultraviolet) light, FL (Florescent) light, CIS (Contact Image Sensor), Size

Count Modes:
Mixed Mode, Single Mode, Separation Mode, Direction Mode, Serial Mode *optional

Counting Speed:
Piece count – 1,500 documents per minute maximum
Value count – 1,000 documents per minute maximum

Display Type:
4.1 inch graphic LCD

Document Size Limits:
100 x 193mm to 50 x 100mm

Note Thickness Range:
0.08 to 0.12mm

1 pocket and 1 reject pocket

Hopper Capacity:
500 (circulating) notes

Reject Pocket:
100 (circulating) notes

Stacker Capacity:
200 (circulating) notes

Variable 1 to 999

Document Feed Mechanism:

330 (w) x 350 (d) x 370 (h) mm

Net Weight:
Approx. 16 kgs (20 kgs boxed)

Power Source:
110 / 240VAC. 50 / 60 Hz

Consumption Power:
Standby – 20W (avg.)
Maximum – 75W


Up to 3 additional currencies
External display
Remote control through PC communication
Serial number recognition (400 documents per minute)
Discrimination function (between old and new series notes)
Bill printout (with RS-232 Interface for PC and external printer, print user name)


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