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Put Down the Chalk and Pick up the Future eBeam Edge™ is the smallest and most intuitive interactive whiteboard solution available.
Permanently mounted interactive whiteboards are expensive, require educators to work within a predefined space and don’t allow for the use of dry erase markers.
eBeam Edge responds to educators’ teaching needs by creating a flexible and powerful learning environment for students. The system fits in a laptop case, supports dry erase capture and works on any flat surface with or without a projector. With an embedded magnetic mounting system, eBeam Edge easily moves from classroom
to classroom. Its one-touch calibration button gets educators up and going in minutes.
eBeam Edge includes trusted curriculum resources such as Encyclopædia Britannica®*. These resources provide multiple ways for educators to prepare and present lessons that can be accessed, manipulated, recorded and shared.
Create a learning environment anywhere using eBeam Edge and embrace the future of education.

Why eBeam Edge?
Utilize existing surfaces instead of purchasing expensive, fixed equipment
• Work with any projector – including high-definition
• Carry from room to room and install in minutes
• Project lessons and capture marker based content with the same receiver

User Benefits:
• Bring lessons to life with interactive tools and media
• Motivate students by bringing them to the board to use a fun learning tool
• Deepen understanding of subjects by utilizing content resources
• Connect with students of all learning styles

Organizational Benefits:
• Transform any flat surface
– whiteboards, walls, tables and even glass
• Scale whiteboard space from small to large (123in / 312cm) without paying more
• Create an archive of lessons for reuse and reinforcement of concepts
• Use existing software and files alongside eBeam software

Technical Specifications

Windows • XP, Vista, Windows 7 • Pentium IV Processor, 1.4GHz, -512 MB RAM • 100 MB of available disk space recommended • CD ROM Drive or Internet connection • available USB 2.0 port

Macintosh® • OS 10.4, 10.5 or higher • PowerPC/Intel, 400MHz • 1GB RAM • 100 MB of available disk space recommended • CD ROM Drive or Internet connection • available USB 2.0 port

Package Contents • 1 Edge Receiver • 1 wrist strap • 1 stylus • 1 AAA battery • 4 mounting plates • 1 USB cable • 1 CD with eBeam Interact and Scrapbook software • optional bluetooth module

Edge Receiver • weight: 2.65 oz (73 g) • dimensions: 9 x 2 inches (24 x 5.1 cm) • active work area: from 20” up to 123”/312 cm • tracking technology: ultrasound and infrared
• positional accuracy: +/- 1.5 mm • connectivity: USB or Bluetooth

Stylus • weight: .6 oz (18 g) • power: 1 AAA battery



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