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Diplomat 070


External(MM): (H)700 * (w) 500 * (d)540
Internal (MM): (H)515 * (w) 380 * (d)330

Weight(kg): 130
Capacity: 65 Litres

Shelf : 1

Model Features:
* Mechanical Rotary Dial + Keylock
* 4 sets of combination pin codes
* 3 way Locking with 5 solid locking Bolts
* Difficult to duplicate key

Product Feature:

* Country of Manufacture : Korea

* Fire Testing to 1010 degree C : 2 hours

* Special STYRONITE F Fire Insulation material formulated by In-House Laboratory

* Good precision fitting between frame and door assembly provides virtually air tight construction preventing smoke and heat from reaching the inside contents.

* Strong alloy locking bolts that sets deeper into door frame to enhance security, making it more difficult to prise open safe.

* Top Quality epoxy anti-rust primer coating used to prevent rust.

* Durable acrylic urethane leather-tone finish paint, giving it a smart and modern outlook appearance.



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